Innofibre has a wide variety of pilot equipment to pretreat different type of biomass (paper, forest, agricultural, …)  before biorefining.  The equipment is used to desintegrate, fractionate and wash/press the biomass.

Innofibre also owns equipment for energetic valorization of biomass through combustion and torrefaction.

Disk shreader

Broyeur à disques

Manufacturer Bauer Brothers
Model Style 148
Size 1E8
Motor 3.7 kW
speed 3500 rpm


Broyeur à marteaux

Manufacturer H. Dreher, Maschinenbau
Model S10 / 9GF
Motor 1 kW
Speed 3500 rpm

Broyeur à marteaux Wiley - 1Broyeur à marteaux Wiley - 2

Manufacturer Thomas Scientific
Model 4
Motor 1.4 kW
Scree openings 0.5, 1 or 2 mm

Plug screw feeder 2:1

Alimentateur à bouchon

Manufacturer Valmet
Model PR 4
Size 100 mm dia.
Motor 7.5 kW, variable speed

Plug screw feeder 4:1

Alimentateur à bouchon

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model PSF-0740
Size 180 mm dia.
Motor 45 kW, variable speed

Pressurized reactor

Réacteur pressurisé

Manufacturer Valmet
Volume 0.74 m3
Heating mode Direct steam injection
Maximum pressure 800 kPag
Maximum temperature 175°C
Consistency 15-40%
Motor 3.7 kW
Agitator speed 4 rpm

Atmospheric reactor

Réacteur atmosphérique

Manufacturer Lee
Volume 0.15 m3
Heating mode Indirect steam
Enveloppe calorifugée 178°C à 860 kPag
Consistency 15-40%
Motor 0.75 kW
Agitator speed 38-190 rpm



Manufacturer Valmet
Volume 0.11 m3
Heating mode Direct steam injection
Maximum pressure 1700 kPag
Maximum temperature 207°C
Consistency 15-40%

Steam exploser


Manufacturer Stake Technologies
Volume 600 cm3
Heating mode Direct steam injection
Maximum pressure 1700 kPag
Maximum temperature 207°C

Twin-screw extruder

Extrudeuse à double vis

Manufacturer Entek
Model E-max 27 mm
Screw – diameter 27 mm
Screw – length 1296 mm
Ratio L/D 48
Number of barrels 12
Maximum temperature 246°C
Motor 30 kW
Maximum speed 1200 t/min
Number of solid feeders 1
Number of liquid feeders 2

Presse à vis

Manufacturer Thune (Voith)
Model SP-23
Dimension 240 mm dia.
Flow 150-400 LPM
Consistency – inlet 3-5%
Consistency – outlet 25-35%
Motor Hydraulic, 0-60 t/min
Basket 1.2 mm dia. holes, open area 22.5%

Chaudière à biomasse -1Chaudière à biomasse -2

Manufacturer Biovalco
Model Blue Flame Stocker
Type “C”, 3 passes, smoke tubes
Capacity 300 kW (approx. 1020000 btu/h)
Pressure Opération: 103 kPag (MAWP 206 kPag)
Heat transfert fluid Hot water
Inlet and outlet connections 100 mm

Standard and auxiliary equipment

  • Control and power panel
  • Multi-scree feeder
  • Multi-cyclone with rotary valve
  • Soot blower
  • Ash extractor
  • Double wall stack
  • Boiler safety system (low level, safety valve, high temperature)
  • Auxiliary burner of 400 000 btu/hr
  • Set of probes (oxygen, 1st and 2nd chamber temperatures, stack temperature)
  • Sampling plateform
  • Ash container

Torréfacteur -1Torréfacteur -2

Torréfacteur -3

Manufacturer Airex Energie
Model Carbon FX
Capacity 125 kg/h
Maximum operating temperature 480°C


Manufacturer AlgaLab
Model AlgaFuel 3300
Diametre 3.3 m
Height 1.5 m
Working height 1.2 m
Working volume 10.3 m3
Instrumentation Probes pH/ORP/temperature